The following worksheets correspond with the site lessons.  These can be copied, printed, and distributed freely.

Lesson 1 WorksheetFinding the White Keys

Lesson 5 Worksheet Time Signature, Quarter Note, Half Note, Whole Note

Lesson 6 Worksheet Treble Clef Notes

Lesson 7 Worksheet Bass Clef Notes

Lesson 8 WorksheetNotes on the Grand Staff

Lesson 9 Worksheet – Musical Rests

Lesson 10 Worksheet – Review

Lesson 11 Worksheet – Ledger lines and stems

Lesson 12 Worksheet – Dotted Notes

Lesson 13 Worksheet – Eighth Notes and Sixteenth Notes

Lesson 14 Worksheet – Figuring Out Rhythm

Lesson 15 Worksheet: Common Musical Dynamic Markings

Lesson 16 Worksheet: Staccato, Legato, Slurs

Lesson 17 Worksheet: Musical Notation: Sharps

Lesson 18 Worksheet: Musical Notation: Flats

Lesson 19 Worksheet: Sharps and Flats – Putting it all together!

Lesson 20 Worksheet: Key Signatures

Lesson 21 Worksheet: Key Signatures and Natural Sign.

Lesson 22 Worksheet: Key Signatures and Accidentals.

Lesson 23 Worksheet: Tones, Semitones, Chromatic Semitones, Diatonic Semitones.

Lesson 24 Worksheet: Rhythm Review – Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth, Dotted Notes

Lesson 25 Worksheet: T-T-T-Triplets!

Lesson 26 Worksheet: More Accidentals! Double Sharps and Double Flats

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