Why Do I Play the Piano?

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MeditationWhy do we play the piano? Maybe I’m being a bit too reflective with the new year approaching, but this question has been on my mind lately. Why do we do anything that takes a lot of work but doesn’t have a measurable, tangible reward?

I go to work because I need to get paid. I cook because I need to eat. I play the piano because…?

I don’t play the piano to get paid or for the recognition. I play it because it’s FUN. It’s fun to learn; it’s fun to get better at things; it’s fun to make progress; it’s fun to create! Don’t get me wrong – playing the piano is not fun 100% of the time. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. But then there are the times when the notes of the piano ring out clearly and perfectly, changing the energy of the space around them.

Playing the piano is my meditation. It is a time for me to be present and to connect with myself. Music can change the energy of a space… It can create emotion and alter perception.¬†As humans, most of us have the desire to connect with others. Music is one way to do that. As a musician, you wield great power!

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves why we do what we do. It helps us evaluate our lives, re-prioritize where we place our energy, and align our actions with our goals. Maybe the beginning of the new year is a good time to do that… Or maybe you shouldn’t wait and do it now instead! Screw 2014, we still have two days to make 2013 the best year EVER!

photo by: Moyan_Brenn

Posted on December 29th, 2013 by sharlene


  1. Rafe Says:

    Amazing I love your post and I doing exactly the same, at the beginning I didn’t know why I feel so attracted to a piano keyboard and I thought that I was because the piano is just beautiful, but she I started I realize that touching it and playing it is life itself, such a beautiful feeling.

  2. Carlyn Herz Says:

    Music, is, after all, the universal language of all mankind. It is what connects us together….it is where we can share in the sheer awesomeness of the music TOGETHER and FORGET our differences. It unites HUMANKIND…..Which will, in turn, make the world a better place for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children…What a great united goal for all of us to work towards…..

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