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A moment of awesomeness for you all: Imagine colorfully decorated pianos in parks, on sidewalks and other public spaces, available for anyone to play. This project, called “Play Me, I’m Yours” was started by international artist Luke Jerram in 2008. His intention was to fill the silence that existed between strangers with music, thereby changing the dynamics of silence and helping bring people together. Since the kickoff of his original idea in 2008, he has helped bring pianos to cities all over the world including New York City, London, and Sydney. Most of the pianos that are used for this project are second-hand pianos that would otherwise have been discarded.

Another cool angle to the project is that each piano has a unique webpage where visitors can upload photos and videos of the piano. In this way the piano acts as both an online and a real-life social hub. For pictures and videos of the pianos and more information about the project, visit

Now for my two cents worth.. I love this idea!  Not only are these pianos beautiful, but they have been given a chance at a new life. And not just any life, but one where they have the chance to touch the lives of thousands of people. It seems that Mr. Jerram has been successful in his intention to bring people together – the website is full of heart-warming stories.

The second reason that I love this project is because there are so many pianists who cannot afford to have a piano, or do not have the space for one in their homes. This project gives these artists a chance to express themselves and display their talent to the public.

I’m going to follow this project – I’m hoping that my city will participate in the coming years!


Posted on December 2nd, 2013 by sharlene

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  1. Carlyn Herz Says:

    I think this is an awesome project – giving those the opportunity to have that which they could not afford otherwise….how we would miss out on unheard talent if this project were not supported. Thank you for all your efforts to keep this project alive and running…. 🙂

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