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For any of you out there studying music, you probably already know that learning music isn’t just about playing music. Sure that’s a big portion of it, but it is also about music theory and music appreciation.  Like any other form of art, a big part of the “appreciation” aspect of music is understanding the history behind it.  And I have a confession to make: I’m a history idiot.

I’m not proud to be a history idiot. I’m ashamed to say that during my most recent vacation to Paris I had to ask the question: “Did the French think Napolean was a good guy or a bad guy?”. (In case you were wondering:  they liked him. Everyone else hated him.) Suffice it to say that I could use a few world history lessons.

Same goes for history of music. Although I took  (and passed) a history of music exam (albeit 15 years ago), I could not tell you where any of the famous classical composers were born or where they spent their time. I realized this during my vacation when one of the tour guides mentioned that Frédéric Chopin lived in Paris for a time. Chopin is my favorite composer – how do I not know anything about him?

That’s my next mission folks. Next time you see me I will know about Chopin. Me and him – like best buds. Well, as much as you can be with a guy who’s been dead for over 150 years…



Posted on October 17th, 2013 by sharlene

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